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Lick Our Legs
Icon Truth Meme 
14th-Feb-2006 07:30 pm
King K
Since there's a lot of icon hostility floating around, I decided to do this:
-Comment with your username and people will comment with what they feel about your icons. COMMENT TO THOSE PEOPLE ANONYMOUSLY, even if it's good or bad. Feel free to use examples, but please try not to hotlink. If you need to, use a regular link to an image.

So, anonymous is on, IP is off. PIMP THIS PLEASE.
And please don't be rude when commenting, there is a difference between constructive and destructive criticism.

Also, even if you feel like you're not the best icon maker, please comment anyway, or comment to other people. This is supposed to help people grow, and see their strengths and weaknesses.

4th-Aug-2006 12:10 am (UTC)
so, where to start?
you've inspired me for the longest time, way before i even had photoshop. I think for almost everything you set the tone. You do what you like, for example sharpening, and people see that and because of your experimenting they get ideas and start to do the same. Yeah it sucks, the copying, but i think you totally set the standard. i think for a lot of makers, including me, you're one of the main inspirations. Lately you say that you aren't feeling very inspired but i guess after making amazing graphics for so long it's understandable! especially when your life is hectic.

basically, i adore everything you make & i say stick with it and keep suprising us with your new styles. i don't agree with the people above who said everything looks the same because it doesn't!
4th-Aug-2006 12:34 am (UTC)
Wow thank you for your very kind words. Maybe this little pick me up is what i needed to start having fun with graphics again. The hectic life i have been leading lately has put a damper on my creativty, hopefully that changes soon! Thank you :)
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