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Lick Our Legs
Icon Truth Meme 
14th-Feb-2006 07:30 pm
King K
Since there's a lot of icon hostility floating around, I decided to do this:
-Comment with your username and people will comment with what they feel about your icons. COMMENT TO THOSE PEOPLE ANONYMOUSLY, even if it's good or bad. Feel free to use examples, but please try not to hotlink. If you need to, use a regular link to an image.

So, anonymous is on, IP is off. PIMP THIS PLEASE.
And please don't be rude when commenting, there is a difference between constructive and destructive criticism.

Also, even if you feel like you're not the best icon maker, please comment anyway, or comment to other people. This is supposed to help people grow, and see their strengths and weaknesses.

16th-Feb-2006 05:57 am (UTC)
uhmmm sure. erithegreat
16th-Feb-2006 12:13 pm (UTC)
TERRY. your icons rock...hard. you make the best text icons and your aqua teen hunger force's meatwad truly makes me go "woe"...cause he's sad...and you convey it well...and i'm rambling.

ps i love eri! lol, yeah try to guess who this is. real hard i'm sure.
16th-Feb-2006 01:15 pm (UTC)
mostly pretty awesome, but a lot of times you seem to get carried away and fiddle with the colouring too much.
16th-Feb-2006 07:04 pm (UTC)
more specific on the coloring? i can only get better one way...although you'll probably never check again :(
16th-Feb-2006 07:46 pm (UTC)
Ok I think I will agree on the colouring aspect. But I wouldn't say it's bad or anything, it really depends on teh icon and what you're trying to portray. Sometimes you have these crazy goofy icons, which I think you accomplish very well.

I think when you get to the "serious" and/or trying to do angsty ones, you do the same thing you do on your wacky ones - which you excel at -, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. I can go back on your posts later if you like and be more specific. But I can't think of anything really in your last couple of posts, it might have just been some earlier stuff.

We talked about this before, but we're on the same page when it comes to our humour, that I think sometimes seem to slip over other people's heads. You just have this way with words and sarcasm that nobody can touch. Don't think you're not good because people don't "get" you.

You have this absolutely unique style that no one can touch, it's probably just a preference thing. Your icons are never the same, they're never trendy and you rock at using textures.

You know who this is, but I thought I'd play along anyway.

P.S I died laughing because as I was about to post this, it said at the top "Error please confirm you are a human below"

16th-Feb-2006 08:06 pm (UTC)
someone said, You have this absolutely unique style that no one can touch and I was gonna say the same thing.

so many of your icons in this post (http://sin-fonia.livejournal.com/53178.html#cutid1) are *amazing*. I don't know how i missed that post! cuz going down the page I was like in awe and was all like 'oooh i wanna make icons like Eri's!'. :P

You've got many icons that are like perfection. And then you have ones that have a brilliant crop, use of color... but maybe it's too sharp or grainy the text is fuzzyish. Like this one:

Image hosting by Photobucket

I LOVE the coloring, lighting and the cropping... with that little grey area. But then the kerning on the text wasn't really perfected. LOL but you know WHO is a nut about that! And then their faces are a little grainy or blotchy whatever the word is, but I know that image to begin with is a tough quality to work with. I usually try to blur it a bit on a low strength. Like not even every little area, but just parts so that it's a lil smoother. But other than that it's a great icon. And one of my b/a icons I've seen you do. The prom one is very nice too.

One icon that really stood out to me in that post i linked to: I just love it so much. As i was scrolling down I kept looking back up at it. It just draws my eye to it for some reason. The coloring and crop is just lovely and it's sharpened/smoothed just enough. the text is interesting. Heee see i wanna do one like that now... cuz i used to include a brush like that kind with text, but i stopped. but yeah, love it.

You make the best animated icons ever.
- it's like funny of course, but classy. b/c of that texture and the coloring.

17th-Feb-2006 05:36 am (UTC)
sweet thank you so much! detailed and mucho helpful!
17th-Feb-2006 08:24 pm (UTC)
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