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So, since someone asked, I made a tutorial for the following icon:

I have to warn you, it's probably the most confusing tutorial ever. I'd probably have to kill myself if I tried to follow it, but maybe I'm over-critical. I don't know.

The tutorial was made using PS (cs), but I'm guessing it can be used in other programs (there are curves, but I think those steps can be skipped)

1. Start with this cap and this cap
Arrange them so that the hoods align (you'll have to flip around one of the caps), then erase part of the top layer so that the images seem blended together. Then crop to whatever size. Mine ends up looking like this:

background layer:

2. To start the coloring: I duplicated the background layer 5 times and set them all to screen. (note that, of course, this depends on the cap. Mine was pretty dark, so I had to have a lot of screen layers, if you're using a different picture, you may only need one or two.)
This is the end result:
Layer 1 through layer 1 copy 4:

3. Next, I added this texture () and set it to color burn at 46%
(If you prefer to not use textures, you can use a layer of a medium-light green color set at color burn to around 50%) - texture by unmasked_icons
Layer 2:

4. Add a layer of dark blue (#12283F) and set it to exclusion at 100%. Then add a layer of dark tan (#CBA69D) to soft light at 100%.
Layer 3:
Layer 4:
It should look something like this:

5. Add a CURVES LAYER with the following properties (layer -> new adjustment layer -> curves):
on the RGB screen, set the input to 106 and output to 108
on the RED screen, set the input to 115 and the output to 137
on the GREEN screen, set the input to 114 and the output to 130
on the BLUE screen, set the input to 82 and the output to 142
Set this to soft light at 100%

6. Add a layer of a medium-tomato-red (#D74748) at LIGHTEN to 100%
Layer 5:
It should look like:

7. Add a HUE/SATURATION LAYER (layer -> new adjustment layer -> hue/saturation)
Set the following properties:
Hue: +1
Saturation: +6
Lightness: 0
click ok and set this to NORMAL at 100%

8. Add layer of LIGHT PINK (#E6D0D0) and set it to MULTIPLY at 45%
Layer 6:

9. On a new layer, use any soft round brush, create a sort of backwards "S" shape:

Using the MOTION BLUR FILTER (filter -> blur -> motion blur), set the ANGLE to -50 and the DISTANCE to 31 pixels
Repeat this again (on the same layer), but set the ANGEL to 50 and the DISTANCE to 14 pixels:
Set it to NORMAL at 100%
Layer 7:

10. Now you can FLATTEN YOUR IMAGE (layer -> flatten image)

11. Above that, create a new layer of DUSTY BLUE (#37547B) and set it to HARD LIGHT at 45%. MERGE THIS WITH THE LAYER BELOW IT.
Set that to COLOR BURN at 63%
New Layer 1:

12. Add a new COLOR BALANCE LAYER (layer -> new adjustment layer -> color balance)
Select the MIDTONES button at the bottom and set the following color levels (the three white boxes at the top that you can fill in)
+4 (and in the next one) -6 (and in the next one) -16
Select the SHADOWS button at the bottom, and set the following color levels in the boxes at the top
-15 (then in the next one) -9 (and in the next one) +4
Select HIGHLIGHTS at the bottom, and set the following color levels in the boxes at the top
-27(then in the next box) -5 (and in the next) -20
Set this to NORMAL at 100%

13. FLATTEN the image (layer -> flatten image). Duplicate the background and set it to EXCLUSION at 17%

14. Set a layer of WHITE to SOFT LIGHT at 10%
15. Add a layer of RED to HUE at 33% (not really important, either)
16. Add a layer of BLACK to SOFT LIGHT at 21%

17. FLATTEN the image again. Duplicate the layer and set it to SCREEN at 24%
18. once again, FLATTEN the image. Duplicate the background and set it to OVERLAY at 37%


The rest is just optional stuff:

19. FLATTEN the image again. Duplicate the image.
Go to filter -> other ->high pass and set it to around 91.3 pixels. Hit ok.
Set the layer to 44%

20. Add a black border, as big as you want.


22. On top I added the following texture (made by myself with a pattern by inxsomniax) and set it to LIGHTEN at 100% (I also added it at the bottom, but only a minimal amount)

23. Then I added some black lines, and some white lines UNDERNEATH the textures.

and that is that.

I'd like to thank frostthepie and brasaremean, as I used some of their very helpful steps in making this

If you're confused about something (which you should be, because I'm apparently horrible at explaining things), just ask and I'll try to clear them up.
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