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Lick Our Legs
In January of 2006, watchpoint and track_three created… 
2nd-Feb-2008 01:34 am
MCU + Clint Colourful Shot Lined Up
In January of 2006, watchpoint and track_three created the_showcase, a LIMS (Last Icon Maker Standing) competition designed to even out the playing field of everyone having a bad icon once in a while by judging on sets of icons instead. It lasted one round and then, in the second round, the community fell silent. This made us sad, so we've decided to redux The_Showcase with the new and (hopefully) just as good twopointohno.

The concept is simple: every two weeks participants will be given a set of screencaps, from which they have to make a set of five icons. At the end of those weeks the sets are judged by LIMS standards; this means by technique and technical quality, not just stylistic choices. Then, after each challenge, one or two icon makers are eliminated until there's one icon maker left standing.

Your moderators are iulieki (@ piaresquare and lickourlegs) and saeva (@ nihil_est and lickourlegs).

New challenges will go up every other Wednesday, with the icon sets being due a week from the following Monday. Voting will go up on Monday and results will be determined by that Wednesday.

For example: if the first challenge is put up on Wednesday, January 9th, those icons will be due Monday, January 21st. Voting will go up on the 21st and results + a new challenge will be posted on the 23rd. Etc.

All challenges will have a fannish theme but may include anything from television to movies to band photos to photo shoots. We will begin as soon as we have approximately twenty participants.

So, come sign up and join us in a showcase LIMS. The first challenge is already up as a preview of what you can expect from future challenges, when the deadline approaches (after we have twenty participants) a reminder post with the final deadline will go up.
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